Best for Thick Beard Trimmers in Use

Yet another Philip product that has handled to satisfy me is its Multi-Groom Trimmer-QG3390/ 42. It is geared up with a range of values-added functions which make it worth every dimes.


While a leaner permits you to attain a clean look, the item itself could be a center of germs if you do not cleanse it usually and appropriately. This is why Philip has made it heads of this item cleanable to make sure that they could be completely cleaned up prior to being utilized again.

The enhancement of a turbo increase in the internal components of the product aid in delivering a fast output, which is mostly likely to be chosen by those that are constantly in a hurry.

The battery takes one hour to charges as well as could be operated for a whole hour after that. This lengthy battery life coupled with the lightweight of the trimmer makes it a best tool to carry on trips.