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When you listen to words Panasonics, you expect the item to supply the claims that it makes, as well as this Wet and also Dry Cordless Electric Beard Trimmer handle to do so.

Main Features

Throughout my review, the first point I was excited by was the lightweight of the item along with the emphasis that was placed on its functional designs. In order to ensure that the leaner could be held strongly by customers, the item consists of a rubberized element.

This element not just guarantees a comfortable grip but additionally enables you to have optimal control of the leaner. Yet another particular which prospers in giving convenience to individuals is that this leaner can be made use of underwater.

Whether it is shaving throughout a shower or cleaning the trimmer by putting it under cozy water, every one of this is taken care of by the water-resistance of this cordless leaner.



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While many items in the marketplace function an optimum of 10 setups, this trimmer gives you with 19 setups, each which goes to 0.5 mm increment from one another.

From 1 mm to 10 mm, you can adjust the trim size to attain a specific as well as comprehensive cutting experience. Changing settings is rather simple with the enhancement of a dial that could be adjusted swiftly.

I discovered this product to provide exceptional performance when compared to a few of the various other products on the listing. Panasonics was able to supply this by the addition of sharped trimmer blades. These blades were honed with immense precision and are at a 45 level for maximum efficiency.